Let Clovis Pool & Spa make your pool fun again!


Weekly Pool Maintenance

Love your swimming pool, but hate the maintenance? Let Clovis Pool & Spa do it! Our trained pool specialists offer weekly pool cleaning services. Our technicians handle any other swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services needed to keep your pool clean, clear, and beautiful.  Ready for a carefree summer? Contact us today to learn more about our weekly swimming pool maintenance.

Pool Openings and Closings

tony-tool-time-pool-closingEnjoy your swimming pool each summer, but hate opening and closing it at the beginning and end of each season? Clovis Pool & Spa can help! Our trained pool specialists handle the work and leave the enjoyment to you. We also give you a No-Freeze Damage Guarantee on all pool closings on pools built by Clovis Pool & Spa.

Don’t spend your weekends wrestling with the pool cover and wondering if you’re doing everything right. Contact Clovis Pool & Spa today and enjoy a hassle-free season!

Services Provided:inground-pool-cover_8

  • Pool cleanings, opening/closing, chemical checks
  • Pool inspections
  • Gunite replacement/repair, painting, acid washing
  • Vinyl liner replacement and installation
  • Fiberglass Gel-coat repair
  • Equipment replacement/repair (pumps, filters, heaters, salt chlorinators, autocovers)
  • Custom fiberglass pool installation